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Day Trip on the San Marcos


It's all about the springs...and the marvelous San Marcos River is fed by one of the most impressive clusters of springs in the State of Texas. The San Marcos Springs pump out millions of gallons of water every day, keeping the river at a near-constant 72 degrees.

In its upper reaches, the crystal-clear river provides habitat for a diversity of unique species, including Texas wild rice, soft shell turtles and salamanders. Dense canopies of cypress tress, oaks and pecans form tunnels of green, providing some much-needed shade from the Texas sun. Below its confluence with the Blanco, the river widens and takes on a greenish hue. This stretch features less tubers, better fishing, and just enough rapids to keep things interesting.


We offer guided day trips on the San Marcos, focusing on a few stretches of river between downtown San Marcos and Staples Dam. On these trips, we will cover a distance of roughly 4-6 river miles in approximately 5-7 hours. 

  • Because these trips are all-inclusive, we provide lunch, along with all of the necessary gear, including: boats, life jackets, paddles and dry bags. Visit our FAQ page to see our list of recommended river essentials, along with answers to other frequently asked questions.

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