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2-Day Expedition on the Main Llano


Of the three rivers that we operate on, the Llano is the wildest. It sees less traffic than other Hill Country rivers, and the absence of major dams along its length means the Llano is a free-flowing river that changes from year to year. Deep, aquamarine pools, wide-open skies and unique rock formations all add to its photogenic charm. The fishing can be outstanding too, as the river is home to healthy populations of Guadalupe and largemouth bass, Rio Grande perch and other sunfish, along with catfish and gar.

Like any wild river, it is the starry skies, abundant wildlife and incredible scenery that set the Llano apart from the rest.

This all-inclusive, guided weekend trip* is perfect for those who treasure wild places and enjoy being fully immersed in nature — and who don’t mind doing some of the work required to reap these rewards. We explore less-frequented and more remote stretches of the Llano between Junction and Castell, stopping to camp at sandbars and islands on the way.

While we split the gear between boats, and might ask you to help out with camp set-up and break-down on these trips, we still do most of the work…so you can focus on enjoying the river experience.        

*This trip can easily be extended to 3 or 4 days. Prices vary depending on group size, location and duration of trip.      

  • Because these trips are all-inclusive, we handle all of the logistics, do all of the cooking, and provide all of the gear, including: boats, life jackets, paddles, dry bags, tents, cots and sleeping pads. Visit our FAQ page to see our list of recommended river essentials, along with answers to other frequently asked questions.

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